In the before time...

Kinetic Synthetic Robotics Corporation, is one of the largest android manufacturing plants in the world. Its current location is somewhere in Auschwitz, Germany. Their greatest achievement was being able to harness the constant rotation of the earth on a planatary scale to store the kinetic energy into a never ending power source. The officials from KSRC made progressive AI programs for the MIARC [Military Initiative Automechanic Riot Control], producing androids that could think and work as the same as a human being. Androids have by now developed advance thoughts; reason, trust, fear, doubt, etc. After a hostile takeover by the androids on the KSRC and MIARC plants, they have now taken over means of production and can constantly keep more androids being made. Europe has been taken over and Asia faces its end. Australia has locked down their airports and seaports from any means of newcomers. North America is an atomic wasteland after a nuclear fallout from ICBMs launched at North America by North America after a virus got into missle silo computers. South America is occupied by refugees and androids themselves. The androids there however have no aggresive intent on the beings there, they themselves are opposed to the war. Each android is unique in an external appearance, no two androids have ever been made the same.


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